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 Kirsty speaks to Spriorite about the PPV.

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PostSubject: Kirsty speaks to Spriorite about the PPV.   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:16 pm

Kirsty is seen walking down the crowded arena corridors. She has a look on her face that suggests she's looking for someone. She frantically pushes open doors as she goes past them to peek inside only to not find who, or what she's looking for. She rushes around a corner and out of sight, she lets out a loud squeak and the cameraman rushes around the corner to see what's happening. He turns the corner to see Kirsty standing next to Spriorite who is wearing his usual casual clothes except this time he is wearing a blazing pink breast cancer awareness tee shirt.

Kirsty: Can I ask you some questions?

Spriorite looks at her with a serious look.

Spriorite: What do you think?

Kirsty pauses for a while.

Kirsty: Umm, Yes I can?

Spriorite carries on his serious look but then smiles.

Spriorite: Correct answer, shoot.

Kirsty: First off. What is this shirt about?

She motions to the bright pink top that Spriorite is sporting.

Spriorite: This? Are you seriously asking me? I thought it was quite obvious ...

Kirsty: Yes I am, I think it'd be obvious to people that know what it is.

Spriorite: I guess you're right, fine, Basically this top is to show my support for the various breast cancer awareness charities that are out there.

Kirsty: Oh, I don't know much about charity.

Spriorite: Why am I not surprised by that?

They both let out a laugh.

Kirsty: Secondly. What are your thoughts on your win against Rebellion last week?

Spriorite: What can I say? All four of us thought valiantly but ultimately it was mine and Katz' team work that sealed it for us.

Kirsty: I heard rumours that Sage was angry about the result of that match. What are your thoughts on that?

Spriorite: He was angry? I didn't hear anything about that but I guess we won that match because we tried just that little bit harder then they did.

Kirsty: Fair enough,

Kirsty looks up and down the corridor.

Kirsty: How are you going to deal with Sparda and Max Cavalera?

Spriorite: Katz and I hadn't really thought about it.

Kirsty's eyes open wide with surprise and shock.


Spriorite is taken back by Kirsty's screaming.

Spriorite: Whoa, calm down love. What are you so uptight about?

Kirsty: It's just frustrating that your title match is so close and you aren't even preparing for it.

Spriorite: Who ever said I wasn't prepared? I'm prepared alright, just because I haven't thought about how we're going to win doesn't mean we won't win. After all, If we put in the most effort then I have no doubt in my mind that we'll win.

Kirsty: Alright, sorry for shouting.

Spriorite: Why don't you stick to interviewing and I'll stick to fighting? kthx.

Kirsty: Pardon?

Spriorite sighs.

Spriorite: Don't worry, have you got any other questions?

Kirsty: Just one. Just where is Katz?

Spriorite: Oh, She's ill again. She'll be here for saturday so don't you worry. with our team work I have no doubt The Eruption will be walking out of Freedom or Fire the first ever Eternal Isles tag champions in the history of PWA. If you've got nothing more to ask I have some business to attend to.

Kirsty: I've got nothing.

Spriorite nods in understanding.

Spriorite: Alright, I'll probably see you on saturday if not before. Bye.

Spriorite walks past Kirsty and down the corridor she originally walked up. Kirsty looks to the camera.

Kirsty: That's it. Cut.

The camera turns to black.
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Kirsty speaks to Spriorite about the PPV.
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