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 The creation of Sin

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Naven x


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PostSubject: The creation of Sin   Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:31 pm

The camera fades in as Naven X is walking down the hall of the PWA arena and stops next to a door, He nods and then walks in. Naven pauses and sees one person punching a punching bag with his bare hands and the other sharpening his blade, Naven begins to say..

Naven X: Sorry for the interuption you guys but I have a deal that you couldn't refuse... you see I have a plan the will change the PWA world forever and I have some guys who understand it perfectly and love it.....

Naven walks to the corner of the room and continues.

Naven X: I see that you guys are an example of chaos and destruction, you dont listen to anyone except yourselves and you do whatever you want with no mercy... and that is what I respect you guys... now you guys have a chance to win the Eternal Isles tag team titles at the PPV against two guys who happen to be good... but you guys are better... I like to see the tag titles around your waists instead of theirs... I can help you guys, not that you want it cause I know you can handle yourselves but to let you guys know that we will have your back.. So will you guys join us..?

Naven raises his hand to one member...

OCC: ok the RP will end here cause I dont want to reveal to two guys until the PPV

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The creation of Sin
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