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 Spriorite and Katz before their tournament match.

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PostSubject: Spriorite and Katz before their tournament match.   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:37 pm

OOC: Katz is still MIA so again with regret I'm going to have to utilize my priviledge to godmod.

The camera pans around the scenery to show that it is located in the parlor of the PWA arena. The arena is bustling with merchandise carts and food stalls. The camera cuts to a long shot of a corridor where we see Spriorite and his partner Katz walking down towards the camera in their wrestling gear. The camera zooms into their faces to show that Spriorite has a face of concentration and also that Katz still has a red nose meaning she's still ill. As they walk closer to the camera a door opens behind them and Kirsty steps out and calls for them.

Kirsty: Spriorite! Katz! Can I have a word?

Spriorite and Katz turn around to see who called their name as the camera is moved forward so that the oncoming interview can be captured.

Spriorite: This really wouldn't be the best time Kir, We've got THE biggest match of our career so far against Rebellion in the tag tournament. If we lose then we're out of the running for the opportunity to be the first ever PWA tag champions and we can't let that happen. We don't need distractions or long interviews, sorry.

Kirsty looks downheartened but soon perks up.

Kirsty: It'll be quick I promise!

Spriorite looks at Katz who leans over and whispers something into his ear.

Spriorite: Fine, but as soon as I hear Rebellion's entrance music we're leaving.

Kirsty: Fine. How did you deal with your loss to Rebellion last week? and what do you think your chances are for this week?

Spriorite: Wow, you just jumped right in didn't you?

Spriorite laughs and Katz attempts one but no noise comes out.

Spriorite: Last week I dropped the ball, I can't blame Katz because she was ill, she's still ill now but she's improved in leaps and bounds. I'm not gonna lie either, I really underestimated them. As for this week that's not going to happen. I know how they fight because I've taken the time to watch every single match they've been in ever. I would hazard a guess to say I know them better than they do, Moreover I'm going to be working double, double time.

Kirsty: Double, double time?

Spriorite: Yes, one double because Katz is ill and two doubles because it's such an important match.

Kirsty smiles.

Kirsty: That's an interesting saying. If you do manage to beat Rebellion tonight then what will your future plans for PWA be?

Spriorite: Isn't that obvious? We go on to win the titles and then keep them for as long as we can. Simple.

Kirsty: Fair enough, that about wraps up this inter ...

Rebellion's music can be heard in the background. Spriorite's and Katz' eyes open wide and they both begin to sprint in the direction of the arena.

Spriorite: (Shouting over shoulder) SORRY! GOT TO RUN! YOU UNDERSTAND!

The camera follows the two partners as they run down the corridor and out of the sight. It then turns back to Kirsty,

Kirsty: I guess that's my part done. I'm off to get some coffee.

With that Kirsty turns and walks into the room she was in before she started the interview.

OOC: In the show I think it'd fit together well if the RP immediately after this one is Rebellion's and then the match could come directly after that?
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Spriorite and Katz before their tournament match.
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