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 All about tactics (Cartouschke interview)

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PostSubject: All about tactics (Cartouschke interview)   Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:08 pm

The camera is turned on and shows Kirsty in front of the lockerroom. She whispers to the cameraman.

Kirsty: are you sure it is here?

The camera man nods and Kirsty opens the door. The light in the lockerroom is dimmed and a strange atmosphere fills the room. Muffled voices are heard in the back and as the camera comes closer 2 men break up their conversation hastily. One of them pulls his hood over his head to avoid recognition and makes his way out the door rapidly. The other turns around to see what causes the disturbance. As he sees the camera he tries to hide something behind his back.

Cartouschke: What are you doing in here, get out, get out now!

Kirsty: Relax, we are here now anyway, why not give the audience a little look behind the scenes. Show them the man behind the wrestler Cartouschke...

Cartouschke scratches his head, thinking about the options he has...

Cartouschke: Ok then, but keep it short, I have other business to attend to before my match tonight. So what would you want to know?

Kirsty: First I would like to know where are you from. Seems like you came out of nowhere, not that many people heard about you before?

Cartouschke: Hahaha, not that many people heard about me huh. Maybe that's because you have been asking the wrong people. I've been in different shows before this and trust me: those that have seen me all remember me. But why dwell on the past. I am here in PWA now and that is what matters to me and that is what should matter to the fans.

Kirsty: Your first appearance last week resulted in you and Executioner of Anarchy losing the match against Triple N and Trace Wells. Any comments?

Cartouschke: That was a badly timed match if I ever saw any. I came in that evening to check out the competition and discuss the possibility of a contract, yet I was ordered to gear up and step into the ring within 5 minutes of my arrival. I didn't even had the chance to discuss any tactics with my designated partner. Very poor timing if I may say so.

Kirsty: Still isn't it the object of any match to go in the ring and defeat your opponent? What more tactics do you need?

Cartouschke: it is obvious that you haven't been in the ring yourself honey. Everything depends on tactics. It is what makes a wrestler win or loose the match. Take our match for example. We didn't have a tactic or any information of our opponents. That lead to the situation in which I was facing the wrong opponent of the tag. As soon as I realized that it was too late and my partner, Executioner of Anarchy, couldn't save our victory anymore either. If we started differently it would have been a different match all together and we could have won. But that's how things go. No use crying over spilled milk as they say.

Kirsty: About your opponent tonight, The Judgement. What will be your tactic?

Cartouschke: See Kirsty, that is something I would like to keep to myself. Sharing that tactic would render it useless since the opponent could easily change his. But let me say this: The Judgement will be in for a big fight, I plan on making a comeback after last week's debacle. I don't like to be on a streak unless it is a winning streak!

Kirsty: Hmm, if you say so... Now on about what happened in here. What were you discussing with the man that fled? Who is he and what was it about?

Cartouschke: That is none of your business, but if you must know it was information.

Kirsty: Information about your opponent tonight?

Cartouschke: Well let's say it was some important information about one of my opponents, hahaha. Now you must excuse me I have a fight to prepare for and I like to take my time to do so.

Cartouschke walks out of the door and while the camera fades away we can hear Kirsty talk to the cameraman:

Kirsty: What a character...Mr Tactics... pffft.
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All about tactics (Cartouschke interview)
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