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 Eternal Eclipse Interview

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Eternal Eclipse


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PostSubject: Eternal Eclipse Interview   Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:58 am

*Akali is seen on camera in the interview area with Eternal Eclipse. His arms are crossed with a look of arogance on his face. A have smirk but looking down on you.*

Akali: Hello PWA Fans! I am here with the one and only Eternal Eclipse!

*The crowd boo's from inside the arena.*

Eternal Eclipse: Thank you for that beautiful introduction Akali!

*Eternal Eclipse grasp her hand lightly. He bends over and kisses it. Akali blushes*

Akali: My pleasure. What can you tell us tonight about your involvement in the Phoenix Heavyweight Championship tournament?

Eternal Eclipse: With pleasure. It is simple really. About 8 people begin in the opening round of the tournament. When one loses the other wrestler advances until there is... ME- and one other person left standing. And when I win, I will be crowned Phoenix Heavyweight Champion!

*Crowd boo's as Eternal Eclipse regains his posture.*

Akali: Sounds interesting. What can you tell us about your opponent for tonight in the first match of the tournament?

*Akali hand Eternal Eclipse the mic this time.*

Eternal Eclipse: Thank you for the microphone. Tonight my opponent is, just like the last one. A no talent piece of nothing who is no match for me. Just like everyone one of you in this building tonight!

*Crowd is heard booing*

Eternal Eclipse: His name is... I don't really know or care really. I think its like Mace Bells? Or um Grace Shells? I don't know some stupid name that no one in there right mind should name there kids. My name for example is regal! Carter Bilodeau! It is just great to say!

*Eternal Eclipse looks of into the distance as if seeing himself as a king.*

Eternal Eclipse: Long story short. This match should be a sweep for me. A nice break from real talent! I guess that is it for our interview. Chase Fells, I will see you in the ring.

*EE looks over to Akali*

Eternal Eclipse: And I hope to see you later.

*Eternal Eclipse begins to leave and Akali is left standing there.*
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Eternal Eclipse Interview
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