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 Wildthing's Real Introduction

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PostSubject: Wildthing's Real Introduction   Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:11 am

*Static then all of a sudden Kirstyn, with her microphone at hand, appears on the screen in front of what it looks like an abandon auditorium*

Kirsty: Ok. Are we on? Good. I'm here outside this building where I have heard that inside this place is a last minute addition wrestler, signed recently for PWA's Rebirth. Now I have dug up some records of his past and fans you are not gonna believe what I have found out you see...

*Loss of reception, static, then a man wearing a Leather clothes, a black t-shirt, and red sunglasses appears from inside the abandon auditorium which many of the chairs are rusted or broken, the stage lights are broken, and the ring looks as if it had seem better days*

???: Would you take a look at that, how pathetic that this was my last federation that I was in. Some have moved on to bigger and better things. (He Grins) I've been waiting for a time to deal with this. Oh and if you are wondering who I am, wait no longer. My name is Wildthing,

* Wildthing gets on his custom made chopper*

Wildthing: Oh and once I get into that ring at PWA, it's going to be a whole new rebirth once I get in the ring. Here though is a little message though for my first opponent though.

*Wildthing proceeds to drive straight out the window.. Static, then Kirsty's camera comes back on. There is a breakage of glass and Kirsty screams at the top of her lungs; Wildthing lands just feet away from Kirsty. Wildthing wooos and laughs at his near death experience and rides off onto a paved road and heads towards the PWA arena. The camera turns around towards the empty arena were all of a sudden explosions are heard from the inside and the whole arena just caves in leaving only a piece of a wall which has the name Wildthing hugely spray painted*

Kirsty: I can not believe what I had just saw, I mean in all my years for interviewing people, I have never encounter such an crazy thing like that.

*Kirsty faints and the cameraman drops the camera and runs over to Kirsty to check on her*

Camera Man: Kirsty, Kirsty are you alright! Speak to me!

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Wildthing's Real Introduction
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