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 The birth of a new High Flyer

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PostSubject: The birth of a new High Flyer   Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:14 pm

Ring Announcer: "Introducing Handaresch"!

Music starting playing "Bad boys running wild"

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
and many changing-coloured Pyrotechnics flash all the way on the Titan Tron
Handaresch makes his way to the ring
wearing as standardly the cloth of a wood worker carrying a 2 by 4.
two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring

Handaresch is roaring : "I am really happy to be in this show here with PWA !!!"

Audience is not sure what is all about that guy, no one knows at the moment. And they do not seem to know how to see him is he good or bad ?

Handaresch : "Hey you bloody coward Amaru come and get hurt right now. I want to finish early today."

The audience is starting to "buh" it seems they don't like this arrogant guy.

Handaresch : "You will not be able to see me I am to fast for you so give up right now and you won' get hurt."

Handaresch raises his arms and while lowering them with a quick movement a real smoky explosion happens. After the smoke has disapeared no wrestler is in the ring right now.

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The birth of a new High Flyer
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